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If you are struggling to find your way as an entrepreneur and you want to break free from financial constraints and finally become your own boss, but feel lost without a clear part to success, you’re constantly facing problems upon problems and you don’t know what to do, then this is the most important page you’ll visit today. 

Here’s why.

My name is Frederick Olatunde Aleilo, and I’m here share my entrepreneurial journey with you. This book contained how I moved from a struggling to a flying entrepreneur.. It is not copied online. It is not dubbed from any book. Its my personal experience. It’s my toil. Its the story of my battle. I started from the very rock bottom. It was not easy. The strategies documented in this book has the power to transform your business and, quite possibly, your entire life if you give it a read


Precisely on Tuesday the 8 of August 2023. I turned fifty years (50 years) on this part of eternity. I have spent almost half of my years on Earth as an entrepreneur. And sadly, for the better part of my journey in entrepreneurship, it was from one failure to another. From one loss to the next. From one business catastrophe to another. 

I had N54,000 in my bank account at the end of my service year in December 2002. This is the capital I started my business with. It was small, but I was able to start with it. 

My journey in life, especially business, has been quite challenging. It has been very tough. Very tough. I made a lot of blunders. I committed some grave errors. 

About three years ago, precisely in 2021. I made a total shipwreck of two businesses valued at about N15 million naira. I surprised myself.

I didn’t know I could crash after being able to raise such an amount to expand my business.

Somehow, along with my life experiences, and failures, and as I grew, I realized how much harm I had done to myself, I started a journey towards correcting my errors.

Right now, my brand ALET INSPIRATIONZ PRINTS LTD is now on a completely new and absolutely different trajectory.

We have a team in place. We are better structured. We are raking in profits in millions of naira.

In the last three years, we operated differently. We are able to leverage relationships with people better. We have build a completely new multi million naira brand. We are collaborating better. We are flying.

So far, I have sold a lot of products and services for various high profile clients, which made many companies and brands well-known in Nigeria. I used the same techniques you’ll find in this book. This helped me earn millions of naira, and enjoy financial freedom. Now I live on my own terms. My failures has metamorphosed into an enviable success.

And right now, I’d like to share some of my experience with you, which is why I’ve authored this very special book titled… “So Far, So Challenging – Vital Lessons in Life & Business”

To become a successful entrepreneur with a lot of money, you need to learn certain rules, strategies, and even some secrets. In this book, I’ve shared in detail how I overcome seemingly insurmountable  problems on my journey

It is raw and not sugarcoated. Simly unbelievable, but true.It goes straight to the point, telling you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it works. My life, my business success have proven it.

Even if you think you already know everything about entrepreneurship, I can assure you that there’s a wealth of valuable information waiting for you in this priceless book “So Far, So Challenging”

Here’s A Sneak Peak Into

Some of Vital Information in the Book

Here’s the Good News… and The Bad News. First, the good news. 


So Far, So Challenging is brand-spanking new –. 


Those that have had a quick look swore that this is the best all-encompassing book they have ever read for entrepreneurial success. 


What you will discover will give you a totally unfair advantage — for real. I’m serious… I promise you.


But, here’s the bad news. 


When this “hits the streets,” We expect it to sell out – That means some customer service issues on processing orders, shipping orders, etc.  


As this is my labor of love — I prefer to handle it myself… and I do not want to create a ton of extra work for myself here. 


For now, you can have one of the 200 copies available.  


You will have to act quick for sure.  


You know as well as I do — this is going out to hundreds of thousands of people right now. 


I plan to sell it at the price of N20,000


However, I’ve slashed 18% off, leaving a very reasonable rate of N3,500 so that almost anyone gets a fair chance at owning a copy. 

But This Is Just A Tip of the Iceberg, You'll Also Get...

One-On-One Private Mentorship Session with Me, Federick Olatunde (N50,000 Value) 

Embark on a transformative journey towards your business success with my exclusive mentorship program, where I will be your dedicated guide, offering unwavering support and expert insights every step of the way. With me as your trusted companion, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, personalized strategies, and a roadmap to navigate the dynamic world of virtual and physical businesses. 

100k Monthly So Far So Challenging Affiliate Program (N50,000 Value) 

For every copy of “So Far So Challenging” you sell through your unique affiliate link, you’ll receive N1,000 in your pocket. Imagine the potential when your passion for sharing meets a substantial income stream. Our affiliate program is user-friendly and straightforward. We provide you with all the resources you need to succeed, from eye-catching promotional materials to real-time tracking of your sales.

But That is Not All…

There are bonuses here that will increase your income by a 100%

Fast Action Bonus 1 

27 Marketing Tools – (Value – N10,000)

Discover 27 internet marketing tools that can be used to take your business forward. I personally use every tool weekly. in fact, my $20,000 month simply wouldn’t have been possible without these 27 tools. And the best part of all is that each and every tool is 100% FREE. 

Fast Action Bonus 2 

Crack The Monetization Code (Value – N10,000)

In this book, you will find a broad range of methods of monetizing both web sites and blogs, principally as a way of demonstrating just how easy it really can be to start making money online. We will also consider the places that you can find these money-making resources as well.

Fast Action Bonus 3

Dedicated Support Group – (Value – Priceless)

Gain exclusive access to our dedicated support group as a special bonus. You’re not just joining; you’re becoming part of a community that’s committed to your success. Act now and experience the difference!

What You’re Going To Get:


Total Value: N140,000

Normal Price: N20,000

Today Only: N3,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get this package after payment?

Immediately your payment is successful, you will gain access to your download link in your email address. you don’t have to wait for many days or even weeks before you can access your package.   

Can I buy it later, if I am unable to buy it now? 

You can always buy the package anytime you want, but I cant guarantee that you will get it at the same rate, because the price is programmed to change once the countdown hits zero. And the free bonuses will disappear as well. 

Is There Any Support in Case I Want to Ask Questions? 

Of course, you can reach me directly on +234 803 352 9330 I’ll be glad to walk you through any difficulties you might encounter. 

Is This Website Secure for Online Payment with Debit/Credit Card. 

Your online transactions are 100% secure on this website, no other person will be able to access your debit/credit card details on this website except you. You will also notice that before your payment can go through, you must receive an OTP number on your personal mobile number. 

What if I Encounter Any Online Payment Issue? 

That hardly happens, if it does you can pay N3,500 only into my account details below:

Frederick Tunde Aleilo

And send proof of payment to me on WhatsApp by clicking on the button below. Once confirmed you will be granted access to your eBook puls all bonuses. 

About The Author



TUNDE is the FOUNDER and the CEO of Alet Inspirationz Prints Ltd, and AI Digital Agency Ltd. A man of many parts, a serial Entrepreneur, Artist, Graphic Designer, a Print and Digital Media Specialist with over 25 years of practical hands-on experience in the arts, design, digital, and prints industry. 

He was the best student from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts Federal College of Education, Akoka (FCE(T). in 1997, and was also the Obafemi Awolow University (O.A.U) Ile-Ife in 2001. He holds a postgraduate diploma (PGD) from The Redeemed Christian Bible College. 

Also a member of The Chattered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON). A Haggai International trained leader. An Alumni of Fate Foundation, (AEP100).

Currently an executive master’s student of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Rome Business School, Nigeria. He is happily married with children. he lives in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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