Okiyo Paper Stationery Set


Introducing Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set – where the art of communication meets elegance. Discover premium notecards, sticky notes, envelopes, and letterhead paper in this meticulously curated collection. Personalize your stationery and elevate your handwritten messages with Printbuka.


Elevate your love for stationery with Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set – a meticulously curated collection that redefines the art of handwritten communication.

Our Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set is a masterpiece of design and functionality, offering a premium stationery experience like no other. Crafted for those who appreciate the beauty of fine paper and the elegance of the written word, this set is a true testament to the art of correspondence.

Inside this exquisite set, you’ll discover a symphony of stationery essentials. From high-quality notecards and envelopes to beautifully crafted letterhead paper, every piece is a canvas for your thoughts, dreams, and sentiments. The smooth texture and exceptional quality of the paper enhance your writing experience, making each stroke of the pen a joy.

At Printbuka, we understand that personal touch matters. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt letter, a thoughtful note, or a special greeting, you can choose from a variety of elegant designs and personalize your stationery with your name or monogram.

Quality is at the heart of our stationery. Every component of the Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set has been carefully selected and crafted to perfection. The envelopes have a luxurious weight, the notecards boast impeccable print quality, and the letterhead paper exudes sophistication.

Make your correspondence a work of art. Whether it’s for personal letters, business communications, or memorable messages, Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set elevates the written word to a form of expression and connection.

Order your Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set today at www.printbuka.com and experience the timeless elegance of handwritten communication with Printbuka.

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closed: 21 inches x 15 width x 2.3 height, open: 48.7 inches x 15 width x 1 height


Kraft Paper, Sharpener: Wood & Steel, Eraser: Synthetic Rubber, Ruler: Wood, ball pen: paper with Black German Ink, 2 Pencils: wood, Sticky Notes: 25 per Color


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